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Contract operation service

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Contract operation service

1. The company has 8 working workshops, and the subjects for processing operations include ironwork, paper, sewing, and other subjects.

2. The company has a handling fleet and a stacker to facilitate the delivery of materials and finished products by the manufacturer, sufficient manpower for the operation, and feeding and shipping at the centralized location. The work efficiency is high, and the production line of the workshop can be adjusted according to the manufacturer's processing project. demand.

搬運車隊 推高機作業情形
Transport fleet Pushing machine operation
整齊、乾淨成品集中站 寬廣停車場
Neat, clean finished product concentration station Wide parking lot
作業材料陳列工場走廊 加工作業情形
Working material display workshop corridor Processing operation

Contract processing contact

Tel: 04-23828643
Fax: 04-23810683
Contact: Operations Section Tutor
Address: No. 11, Peide Road, Nanxun District, Taichung City

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