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Assistance and Guidance Section

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  • Last updated:2020-06-09
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Assistance and Guidance Section

  1. Counseling and Counseling: The counseling of colleagues and the outside teachers will provide individual or collective counseling to the host, and they will be able to light up a bright light and illuminate the way of life.
  2. Wenkang activities: In order to cultivate the positive values ​​of the host and to develop their talents, we will handle various dynamic and static cultural activities, such as the Mother's Day gift design competition.
  3. Family support: "The home is a safe haven forever." We are here to help the host to maintain a link with the family and promote their smooth return to the community. The office actively handles various family support and family assistance activities.
  4. Parole business: the prisoner is sentenced to more than 1/2 in prison, more than 2/3 of the recidivism, and more than 2/3 in the supervisory execution for more than 6 months, and after being reported to the parole review committee, the law will be reported. The Ministry handles parole.
  5. Detoxification: According to the Department's scientific and empirical drug treatment plan, the Department plans 7 major courses for dealing with the situation, and links with the health, social and labor policies to help drug handlers re-examine themselves and achieve lifelong 1 target for poisoning.
  6. Rehabilitation protection: In order to protect the insurer, to make it self-reliant and prevent further crimes, the firm cooperated with the Taiwan Rehabilitation Society of Taichung Branch to handle various rehabilitation services.
  7. Employment Assistance: In order to enhance the employment skills of the host in the future, assist in confirming the employment orientation and strengthening self-living ability, the Institute actively handles various employment promotion activities and also refers to the willingness to host people to the local employment service centers.
  8. Education under the rule of law: The Institute arranges professional lawyers from the Foundation for Legal Support Foundation to handle various legal knowledge orientation courses, strengthen the concept of the rule of law of the host, and avoid repeating the same mistakes after leaving the office.
  9. Religious counseling: The Institute arranges outside groups such as Buddhism or volunteers to handle all kinds of teaching activities, and use religious power to stabilize the mood of the host and promote their repentance.
  10. High-care case assistance: In order to create a corrective environment for the warmth and humanity of the firm, and to enhance the sensitivity of the correctional staff to care for the disadvantaged host, the three-level counseling policy is adopted to avoid the occurrence of accidents and establish a corresponding counseling window.
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