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Business Section

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  • Last updated:2020-06-09
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Business Section

  1. The firm actively introduces commissioned processing companies, and currently has 8 commissioned processing workshops. The main contracting operations include paper bags, paper boxes, hardware tools, bubble water, tea cans, paper lotus, tool bag tailors, wallpapers, barbecues and so on.
  2. Self-operated operations in the Department of Food Science and Woodworking, continuing the skills training of the occupants and enhancing practical technical experience, building up their hardworking habits to build confidence, and adapting to social life after the birth. The Food Division produces products such as noodles, pineapple cakes, snowflake cakes, sesame sugar and baked bread. The woodwork department produces walnut wood drum windmills, lacing plates, smile chairs, phonograph music boxes and other art, supplemented by ordering. A variety of wooden furniture and wood crafts. The Food Division promotes product quality, connotation and improvement of packaging; wood crafts are oriented towards customized demand and innovative products, and are developed as the institution's characteristics.
  3. In order to enable the occupants to gain a skill, contribute to the cultural heritage, and develop training courses on woven weeds and fine wood for furniture skills. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of the job market, short-term skills training courses such as mobile phone repair, baked goods, gardening, and paint engineering are set up to increase employment strength and facilitate employment after the purchase.
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