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Administrative unit

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  • Last updated:2020-06-09
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Personnel Office Business
  1. Regarding the appointment of staff to use dynamic briefing cases, it is necessary to do matters.
  2. Matters relating to staff assessment, performance appraisal and reward and punishment cases.
  3. About the signing of the retirement (job) pension.
  4. About training training and attending conferences.
  5. About staff health insurance, mutual assistance and various benefits and benefits.
  6. Other related personnel matters.
Accounting Office Business
  1. The annual accounting final accounts of this organ are listed.
  2. The annual budget allocation table for the annual revenue (out) of the agency is compiled.
  3. The accounting report and semi-annual report of the agency's annual income (out) are compiled.
  4. About the accounting matters of the agency, the issuance and verification of various subpoena payment vouchers and accounting books.
  5. An inventory of working capital fixed assets and petty cash turnover funds.
  6. Review of the operation fund documents and the preparation of the receipt and payment slips.
  7. The inspection of the various procurement items of this organ.
  8. Prepare the budget estimates, budgets, final accounts estimates, performance reports and accounting reports of the operating funds of this organ.

Statistics Office Business

  1. Handling the collection, establishment and review of the importer's entrance, the outlet and the transaction data, and compiling the monthly, semi-annual and annual reports of the official statistics according to the official statistics program.
  2. Handling the preparation and review of business statistics statements.
  3. Regularly collect and transmit case information of prison inmates to facilitate the construction of a complete national database by the Ministry of Justice.
  4. Handling the provision of statistical data, analysis and compilation of statistical charts.
  5. It also operates the information business of the firm and is responsible for the promotion of business information application management systems and information security services.
  6. Go through our global information webpage maintenance business.

Political Office Business

  1. Integrity and social participation.
  2. Clean government decrees, development, promotion and implementation of preventive measures.
  3. Formulation, coordination and promotion of the recommendations for a clean government.
  4. Public agent property declaration, conflict of interest avoidance and integrity ethics related business.
  5. The handling of greed and illegal matters related to the authorities.
  6. For the inventory of greedy risk business.
  7. Handling and coordination of official confidential maintenance of the agency.
  8. Handling and coordination of agency safety maintenance.
  9. Other relevant political matters.


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