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Serve the Public White Paper of Taichung Detention Center

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  • Last updated:2020-05-21
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1. Preface

  “Civilian is the boss of the government” is a main idea appearing in contemporary authorities’ administrative policies while public functionaries have long considered themselves to be public servants of people. The center has kept the same spirit, the people come first, since the establishment of the center, engaging in all public service work and providing them the most convenient, comfortable and effective services. We expect to receive sincere comments and advice to improve our service quality and by way of widely accepting public ideas as a motivation, the service quality can soon be improved.

2. Operations in the Center

  Except for the First/Second sentence criminal defendants from Taichung City/County or Central District, detainees in the center include partly male prisoners who were sentenced a short-term penalty of less than 7 years. On August 1 1992, we set up ruffian custody to take over related affairs under Ministry of Justice’s order. On May 20th 1998, according to the second paragraph in the 27th Article of Drug Prevention and Control Act, we had set up Drug Rehabilitation Center, executing drug rehabilitation observation affairs.

      In view of Taichung Juvenile Detention Center being converted into Drug Rehabilitation Center from January 2006, consequently, maiden criminal cases and maidens under observation and rehabilitation were transferred to our center. We are in charge of crime rectification work, all guardianship and detox work, cultivation guidance, sanitation and medical treatment, technology training, progressive Implementation of Rehabilitative Measure and treatment and parole affairs. Instead of punishment, all the misconduct rectification is handled in an educational way. We hope every detainee who loses their ways may return to a normal life.

3. Convenient services for the Public

A. Main service for receiving families of detainees

    1. Service for reception of families
    2. Service for receiving things or food sent by families
    3. Service for receiving money sent by families
    4. Service for consulting the public in person or on the phone
    5. Service for volunteers consulting the public in person in the reception room and fill in forms for illiterate person and help manage affairs for handicapped person
    6. Service for reception reservation on the phone

B. Applications for all certification documents

    1. Apply for in-the-custody/center certification
    2. Apply for finger-print certification which is needed for detainees commissioning family members to do warrant of any cases

C. Service for families to tale back things of detainees

D. Service for receiving medicine sent by families

E. Service for special meeting applied by families

F. Service for tele-meeting applied by families

G. Service for families visiting activities and symposia

H. On the eve of Chinese New Year, Mother’s Day, Moon festival…, etc, we allow detainees to talk to families on the phone or meet in person for a much-needed reunion.

I. Copy and fax services are offered if needed by the public who come to the center for business or receiving detainees

4. Measures for Convenient Public Services

  1. Free parking lot that is for the public who need to meet detainees or manage affairs
  2. Simple movable lavatories are set in the parking lot for the public who come early
  3. For handicapped person, we set up emergency rings, road for wheelchair only, parking space for handicapped and lavatories
  4. In the reception room, after drawing a number at the numbering machine, you can wait for them to call your number so as not to waiting in a long line. We also set up character generator that provides related meeting affairs, ordinance propaganda, and the latest information about our purchasing, tender and personnel recruitment
  5. At the waiting district, we have children playground, offering a place for children to have fun
  6. There are comfortable chairs, lavatories, fountains and reading areas for the public who come to the center for business or receiving detainees
  7. In the lavatories there are tray racks for putting things.
  8. We clean the service places twice every noon and afternoon and disinfect the places regularly. It depends on the situation to clean and maintain the environment at any time.
  9. Signs written in both English and Chinese and they can be seen at all service places. When applying meeting affairs, these signs can help the public understand all the procedures and matters that needed attention.
  10. There are service counters at the administrative building and reception room to give guidance to the public about applications and receiving inquiry. There is also volunteer service counter at the reception room. The warm-hearted volunteers will initiatively assist the public to do meeting affairs and help fill receiving application forms for people who need it.
  11. On the office desks there are nameplates and substitutes nameplates. Service staffs were asked to wear center’s service card. They have to be friendly and have a kind attitude when facing the public so as to effectively go through all the application needed by the public.
  12. We strongly ask all the staff to be polite and a polite oral expression like Please, Okay, Sorry, Thank you or You are welcomed should never be forgotten. All the service staff will be observed and examined occasionally by the superintendent, vice-superintendent, secretary or unit manager. By way of carrying out inspections at the service place or on the phone, the result of the exam will be counted into year-end achievement examination.

5. Our Commitment

  1. The concept of people come first should be always kept in mind by all service staff when serving the public. With an initiative attitude of kind, friendly and warm-hearted, we believe that every person can feel there is respect from us.
  2. In order to provide the public a correct and fast consulting service, the service staffs need to improve their professional skills and be familiar with related laws and rules.
  3. To deal with complains from the public or families of the detainees. We have to solve their problems and avert their anxiety. If we can make the center’s management transparent, there is hope to break a traditional image inside most people: prisons=decayed places.
  4. We will improve our entrance guardians and reception service counter’s functions so as to provide the public a fast and convenient service.
  5. Fully promote single window service. If we use well of present information service equipment, we will be able to broaden the service operation.
  6. Keep carrying out works like promoting friendly relations with neighbors and aiding poverties. To maintain fine interactions with the neighborhood, we aim at acting more with our community.
  7. Keep improving software and hardware at the service places. Also, we will afforest and embellish our environment to give the public a clean and convenient, non-barrier and comfortable service place.

6. Service Time

  1. General Administrative Affairs

    Monday – Friday 08:00 am〜12:00 am;1:30 pm〜5:30 pm。

    B. Time for Applying Reception Affairs

    1. Register Time: Monday – Friday 08:00 am〜11:00 am;1:30 pm〜4:00 pm
    2. The meeting time on every first Sunday is as the same as the above.
    3. Holiday series, festivals will be announced in advance.

7. We Welcome Your Sincere Advice

If you have any advice or suggestions for us, please tell us through the access at the following information, we will be happy to receive it and improve it as soon as possible. All the effort is to provide you a perfect service.

      • Address: No.11 Peide Rd. Nantun District Taichung City 408216
      • Reception room: +886-4-23853880#180
      • Report and offense at the number: +886-4-23828638
      • Report and offense at the e-mail: tcdn@mail.moj.gov.tw
      • Public Opinion: tcdmail@mail.moj.gov.tw
      • Superintendent e-mail: tcdh@mail.moj.gov.tw
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