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Taichung Detention Center,Agency of Corrections,Ministry of Justice held the 111-year "Calligraphy Competition for Inmates of Correctional Institutions"

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  • Last updated:2022-03-15
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First,the event purpose:

To improve the the spiritual quality of the inmates and promote the spirit of Chinese culture.We collaborated with Taiwan Legal Pilot Association holding "Calligraphy Competition for Inmates of Correctional Institutions" activity in Inculcation Room.


Second,the event participant :

The inmates and defendant who admit in our center, and the amounts of inmates was 1,135.


Third, the event content:

  1. We held this activity at Mar, 7 th to 9th. Exhibition works was collected from the calligrapht competiton,and the amounts of works was 70.We give assistance with the move-in and move-out.
  2. We observe the following Precautionary Measures,arranging for the inmates and defendant to appreciate the display. By appreciating the vivid calligraphy works, the inmates can achieve aesthetic appreciation and cultivate their minds.
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