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Taichung Detention Center,Agency of Corrections,Ministry of Justice held the 111-year "Gomoku Competition"

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  • Last updated:2022-12-06
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First,the event purpose:

To make the inmates engage in legitimate leisure activities, strengthen of the logical thinking and concentration.We held " Gomoku Competition " activity in Inculcation Room.


Second,the event participant :

The inmates who was recommended by the workshops, and the amounts of inmates was 30.


Third, the event content:

  1. We held this activity at Oct 25th. The competitors who was recommended by the workshops. The winner will be decided within 20 minutes of each Competition,and the place in the top six will be determined to participate in the final by single elimination.Because of compulsory time for competition, the atmosphere charged with excitement. The champion of competition was the representative player of six workshops.
  2. On the scene of the competition,the competitors concentrated on playing chess during the battle. Additionally,we followed the epidemic prevention measures,such as the competitors wearing a mask all the time ,sanitizing the table-board etc. with cleansing alcohol.
  3. Fourth,the activity pictures:
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