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Archive application Q&A

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  • Last updated:2021-01-18
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Department of Justice, Taichung Detention Center File Application Q&A

Q1.Which files are available for application?

A:The Institute's open application files (such as multi-employment media files, occupants' educational files, self-operated operations and skills training files, etc.) are required by the Archives Act.。


Q2.How do I know the relevant catalogues of the archives of each agency?

A:You can check the archives of the collections of the various agencies through the Archives Authority's "NEAR".


Q3.Who can apply for the file application from the firm?

A:The general public, the profit-making enterprise, the agency group or its authorized agent and appointor may apply for the application of the archives of the Exchange in accordance with the provisions of the Open Access Operations of the Institute.


Q4.Is there any age limit for applying for an application file?

A:The lower age limit for applying for application files is a question of whether or not a minor should apply for application. Because it involves matters such as capacity to act and exercise of rights, since the Archives Law does not have a clear text, the relevant provisions of the Administrative Procedure Law and the Civil Law shall apply. Adults who are 20 years old and have capacity are the lower limit.


Q5.How to apply for the application of the file?

A:Apply in advance (in person or by mail).


Q6.How to obtain the application application file of this office?

A:You can obtain it from our single service window or download the "File Application Application (odt file) " from our website.


Q7.What is the timetable for the application of the public to apply for the application of the file?

A:According to the Archives Law, the applicant will notify the applicant in writing within 30 days from the date of acceptance (if there is any irregularity or incomplete information, from the date of the applicant's correction).


Q8.Does the time of using the file, such as reading, copying, etc., include copying, photocopying or printing?

A:From the time of reading the transcript, the applicant should be delivered to the file and returned to the file to be returned to the staff.


Q9.Is the time for the archives open for reading, transcription or copying?

A:From Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm, national holidays and holidays are not open.


Q10.Where is the archives of the Institute open for reading, copying or copying?

A:The open reading, copying or copying of our archives is always in the archives of our website. You can also check the archive directory in our archives reading room.


Q11.Can readers bring assistants to the reading place together? Does the accompanying person charge a fee?

A:If the assistants enter the reading place together, the fee is required. If the assistant is required to apply for the file, they should apply in advance and obtain approval before entering the reading place. Since the assistant is not an independent applicant, there is no need to charge separately.


Q12.What is the standard for the copying and copying of the archives of the Institute?


1.Apply for reading and copying files for 20 yuan per 2 hours, less than 2 hours, calculated in 2 hours.

2.Black and white copying B4 (inclusive) size is charged 2 yuan per page, and A3 size is 3 yuan per page.

3.The remaining charging standards are based on the copying standard (pdf file) of the file copying and copying specified by the Archives Administration.

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