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File application process

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Application Procedure for Application of Archives of Taichung Detention Center of the Ministry of Justice
1. Read the relevant regulations of the application application of the archives of the Exchange:
  If you want to apply for the application of this website, please read the requirements of the Open Application Notes (pdf file) and the copying and copying standard (pdf file) of the file.
2. Query the file directory:
  Please go to the "Organization File Directory Enquiry Network (NEAR)" and use the keyword [Taiwan Detention Center of the Legal Department Correction Department] to check the information and record the file number you want to apply for.
3. Fill in the file application application:
  Application for reading, copying or copying the archives of the Institute should be filled out with the "Application for the Application of the Tai Chi Detention Center File (odt file) of the Correctional Services Department of the Legal Department, stating the following:
  • Applicant's name, date of birth, telephone number, residence (residence), identity document size. If it is a legal person or other group with a manager or representative, the name, the name of the firm or business office and the manager or representative, date of birth, telephone number, residence (residence).
  • If there is an agent, the name, date of birth, telephone number, residence (residence), identity document size; if it is intended to be an agent, a letter of appointment should be made. If it is a legal agent, the relationship should be stated.
  • Application Project.
  • The name of the file or the content of the content.
  • File number.
  • Purpose of application.
  • Date of Application.
  • The reason for applying for the original file.
  ★ The application for file application can be downloaded from our website or obtained from the single service window of the firm.
4. How to deliver the application:
  Please send the completed application to the Exchange (Address: No. 11 Peide Road, Nanxun District, Taichung City, 40852) or send it to the single service window.
5. File application application review notice:
  Within 30 days from the date of acceptance (if there are any irregularities or incomplete information, from the date of the applicant's correction), the applicant will notify the applicant in writing (the notice of review).
6. Applicable files should be prepared:
  After applying for the application of the file, an approval notice and identity document shall be prepared.
7. Payment of fees:
  The application of the archives of the Institute shall be subject to the payment of the fee for the "Copying and Copying Fees (pdf file)" and the applicant shall open the receipt to the applicant.

※ Our open file application premises and time:
  The "File Application Reading Office" is located on the right side of the main entrance of the first floor of the Administration Building (Address: No. 11, Peide Road, Nanxun District, Taichung City, 408216, Service Tel: +886-4-23853880#606). Open application time is from 8:00 to 12:00, Monday to Friday, from 1:30 to 5:30, and holidays and national holidays are not open.
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