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Introduction to the File Application Reading Area--File Application Type, Process and Q&A Description

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  • Last updated:2022-04-07
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1. file type of application provided by Taichung Detention Center

Category File Type
administrative Secretary room, personnel room, accounting room, statistics room, political wind room.
General affairs Driver coworker management, vehicle management, property and office management, cashier management, procurement tendering, file management, etc.
Celebrity Certificates of various types of celebrities, management of household servants, health insurance, and official documents.
Protection Containment life management, strain exercise, perennial education, Jing'an group, alternative service service management, etc.
Investigation and identification Crime victim data survey classification business, investigation and identification, rehabilitation protection, etc.
Educational counseling Wenkang counseling, progressive treatment, parole and security measures...etc.
Job training Work gold and incentives, self-employment management, containment skills training, etc.
Health care Health education propaganda, special disease prevention, various inspections of occupants, drug management, medical expenses for custodians, etc.
Information Information equipment management and maintenance, business systems, information security and network management...etc.

2. File application brief process

  1. Query directory: Please go to the agency file directory to check the required files.

  2. Fill in the written application form and send it to the agency: by mail or in person.

  3. Receive notification of application result: written notice within 30 days from the date of acceptance

  4. Application file: Carry the review notice and identity document to the archives

3. Archive application Q&A



▲ Provide file application type, process and Q&A description

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