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Archive application service description and related regulations

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Sincerely welcome you to our archive application area
Browse and download related file application notes, examples and file application application
1. Archive application service description
  Archives are the records produced by government agencies in the process of performing official duties in accordance with the law. They have witnessed the changes and progress of the times. They are important materials for understanding the development of the country and an important part of government information disclosure. Since the implementation of the Archives Law on January 1, 1991, the people have been given the right to apply for the application of files. The Taichung Detention Center of the Ministry of Justice Corrections applies for the application of archives for the convenience of the people or organizations, in accordance with Article 46 of the Administrative Procedure Law. Articles 21 to 21 of the Government Information Disclosure Law, the Archives Act and Chapter 21 of the Organs' File Management Operation Manual stipulate the key points for the application of the archives of the Exchange. The public or the organization may apply for the application of the archives according to the points.
2. Application file application regulations
  In order to facilitate the application of the archives materials by the people or organizations, the Institute has set up the application points for the open application of the files. You are welcome to apply for the application files according to the regulations. The following contents include the relevant provisions of the file application established by the Stock Exchange and the archival law and related regulations formulated by the Archives Administration:
3. Archive application application form download
  We will use the blank application form, writing example and file application application process.
4. National Development Committee Archives Administration - Organs Archives Directory〈https://near.archives.gov.tw/
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